While watching a lot of clothes and accessories in the closet
I wonder what to wear today ..
In inspiration for the day
Create yourself today freely

I know what is really important
To find one necessary for me now
Let's go to find one special today

A little gorgeous just by adding it to the fashion of the day
And you can be a little confident yourself

I want to feel myself that changes with one accessory
A new you will be born by meeting Ten.

Material / Silver925

From when I got Ten.
Your aging will begin.
At the inspiration of the day
Create you today.
Fine scratches that change little by little,
Dull color. Favorite clothes that spring up every time you see and feel.
That is the best way to enjoy it.

Material / Silver925 (K18 coating)

ON day with a sense of tension, off a casual feeling.
I will gently snuggle up to your heart at any time.
No rules are needed,
Please enjoy styling freely with your heart.

K18 Oline
Material / K18

Even on important days you want to dress up
Even when you want to relax by yourself
I want you to snuggle forever ...
Ten. While there is softness and playfulness
Special and high quality than usual
Please enjoy the K18 series of one creature.

I use Silver925/K18 because I want you to keep using Ten.
A special item while enjoying aging
Create Ten.