About payment

Payment is a credit cardAnd paid (Pedi)・ Bank transfer is available.

credit card

[Number of payments available]

Only one payment will be made.

And paid (Pedi)

[Number of payments available]
Payment after the next month/3 times (when identification verification is performed by the application)


Bank transfer

Rakuten Bank (Racten Ginkou)
First Sales Branch (Daiichi Eigyo Shiten)
Ordinary account: 7357491
MS.ID Co., Ltd.

Please pay the transfer fee at the customer.
If the name of the orderer and the transfer name are different, please be sure to contact us (including the character list).


Regarding delivery

about shipping cost

・ Sagawa Express (courier service) Nationwide other than Okinawa:540 yen
・ Yu -Pack (courier service) Okinawa:1000 yen
・ 15,000 yen (tax included) or more shopping: Free shipping (excluding Okinawa)

* 1 Free shipping on orders over 15,000 yen (including tax) per delivery destination
* Okinawa Main Island (Yu -Pack) is not eligible for free shipping
* Yu -Pack is a delivery service limited to Okinawa and national remote islands.
* Delivery only in Japan.
* If you wish to ship courier service to Okinawa main island and nationwide remote island area, it will be shipped by Japan Post (courier service / Yu -pack).


Product shipping timing

・ [In the case of bank transfer] After payment is confirmed,2Within business daysI will ship to to.

·【credit card·And paid (Pedi)After confirming your order,2Within business daysI will ship to to.

* Delivery date may not be specified in Okinawa and national remote island areas.

Regarding the time specification

[Morning] [12:00 to 14:00] [14: 00-16: 00] [16: 00-18: 00] [18: 00-10: 00] [19: 00-1:

* Arrival may be delayed depending on the bad weather, the busy season of the delivery company, and the traffic conditions.


What you want to check when ordering

・ Are there any incomplete addresses? Please enter the building name and room number.
・ Cancellation and color change after ordering will not be possible because we may inconvenience other customers. Please check the color and size.


Regarding long -term absence, refusal to receive, unknown address, cancellation after shipping product

If you are absent at the time of the product, an absence contact slip will be posted.
Please confirm the storage deadline and ask the delivery company to request redelivery.
If you return to us after the storage deadline, you will be charged a fee of 2,000 yen.
( * Okinawa and national remote island areas may be expensive separately)
In addition, we do not accept cancellations after shipping.
Thank you for your understanding.


About return / exchange

Return / exchange for our convenience

If you contact us within 7 days after the product arrives, we will return and replace it.
If there is stock, it will be replaced, and if not, it will be returned.
Returned goods·exchangeAfter confirming the conditions, [info@online-ten.com] Please send the image of the defective part.
If you contact us, we will respond sequentially.

Returns and exchanges due to customer reasons

If you contact us within 7 days after the product arrives, we will return and replace it.
Replacement will be supported only when there is stock.
If there is no stock, it will be returned.

After confirming the return / exchange conditions, [info@online-ten.com】toIf you contact us, we will respond sequentially.


Ring size exchange

If you contact us within 7 days after the product arrives
(We will only support you if you have the desired size inventory)


Conditions of return / exchange

Unused, no scratches or damage to customers
Products that have not been engraved or fixed in size under the customer
Accessories (BOX / Drawstring / Genuine certificate) are lost, damaged, or not dirty


* Products using sales items, coupons, products sold at discounts such as lucky bags, and novelties cannot respond to returned or exchanged.


Whether there is a postage burden related to returned or exchanging

Returns for our convenience

We will bear the shipping cost to be returned.


Exchange due to our convenience

The round -trip shipping fee will be borne by us.


Returned goods due to customer reasons

Customers will be responsible for the shipping cost at the time of return.
Even if the shipping fee or cash on delivery fee is free at the time of product shipment, it may not be eligible for free due to return.
In that case, please note that you will pay the shipping fee and cash on delivery fee at the time of shipping.


Replacement by customer convenience

Customers will bear the shipping fee at the time of return and the shipping fee when shipping exchanged products.


Regarding refund

Refund is only transfer.
We do not refund any other (including cash registered mail).
We will transfer to your designated account within 7 days after the product arrives.

In the case of returned goods for customer convenience, the transfer fee for refund will be paid by the customer.

If there is a difference in the product price by replacing the customer's convenience, the excess will be refunded.

The customer will be responsible for the transfer fee at that time.


Regarding cancellation after ordering

The cancellation after your order is refused.
On the system, a small amount of stock returns after cancellation.
We apologize for any inconvenience to other customers due to the difference in stock, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


About point giving / use

About points grant

Unless it is specially set up by the product, 1 % to 10 % of the product price (excluding tax) will be the basic grant rate.
If the product purchase price (excluding tax) is 100 yen or more, 1 to 10 points will be given.

Point state

The given point will be "valid" on the same day from the product shipping date.
If your order is canceled, the point will be "invalid".

Valid points: Available points.
Effective waiting point: It is a point before it becomes available. It will be available if you meet the conditions for use.
Exhibited expired point: A point that the expiration date has passed.
Disable points: This is the point that has been invalidated when your order is canceled.


About the use of points

When purchasing a product, you can use it as 1 point = 1 yen.

When ordering, you can select how to use it with the following patterns.
・ How to use all the valid points as much as possible for the total amount (including shipping and consumption tax, etc.) to be used as much as possible
・ Use some points
How to use only the number of points specified among the valid points for the overall amount (including shipping and consumption tax)


About point expiration date

The expiration date of the points is 365 days/1 year, which is based on the point grant date.
* It is the expiration date for each order.
Limited -time points such as birth month points will expire due to the expiration date specified at the time of issuance.

The expiration date of all points is not the same, so please check the point expiration date from My Page.