At the TEN. Online Store, we have prepared members benefits from January 13, 2023 according to the online store purchased from January 13, 2023 so that you can use your shopping.

The membership benefits fluctuated according to the purchase price for the last year (365 days), and provided benefits according to the membership stage. We will update the membership stage according to the shipping date of the product.
In addition to VIP customers from BASIC, customers who have reached VIP will be informed of the stage above.

The membership stage will be updated to the stage when the conditions for the stage upload below are achieved. If it falls below, the membership stage may drop.

Point grant rate

It is presented at 1P for 110 yen (tax included), but the grant rate will be further improved as the membership stage goes up.
The accumulated points are 1P = 1 yen, and you can use it for shopping after the next time.
* You can use it when purchasing a sale item
* Valid for one year from the date of purchase

Birthday point

For customers who are celebrating their birthday from January 2023, we have given a birthday point present from TEN. (Former Birth Dake Pong)
The point amount is different depending on the membership stage, so please refer to the illustration at the top of the page.
In addition, if you register as a member during your birthday month, you will get points from that day and you can use it for shopping after the next time.
(Example) For February birthday
Already registered by February 1st → Point present for 30 days on February 1st
Registration of members in February 1 and to February → 30 days valid point present by the day of registration
* The expiration date is 30 days from the date of publication

Advance purchase at SALE

PREMIUM members, VIP members, ??? Members can purchase SALE products as soon as possible at the time of the stage according to the stage when holding SALE at the online store.

Free service once a year

PREMIUM members, VIP members, ??? Members are once a year, ring size ± 3 size order, piercing post, replacement, polishing, scratches, etc. We will support each repair for free, such as fixing.
* The second and subsequent repairs are provided at regular rates.

About membership benefits

The contents of the above membership benefits will be announced on this page or not to announce to all members by e -mail, etc., and will be changed. Please understand.