How to clean accessories

■ Silver925 ■
・ Gently wipe off with a dedicated cloth such as a silver cross or a soft cloth.
・ If you can not get the above, attach the dedicated silver pag (liquid) to the dirty part and wipe it with a cross or soft cloth. We recommend that you wash it once after wiping.

■ 18kgp ■
(We coat 18 gold on the material Silver925.)
・ Gently wipe off with fine and soft cloth, such as cotton and silk.
Note: Do not use Sylv Cross. Gold coating on the surface may be peeled off.

■ Storage method ■
Due to the nature of SILVER925, the material is very soft and easily scratched, so put it in an individual case or a bag with a chuck.
Store in a place with less moisture.

■ Others ■
If you keep sweat, sebum, etc. on it, it will cause darkening and discoloration, so it is recommended to clean it frequently after worn.
In addition, near hot springs, seawater, and rubber products, chemical reactions may cause chemical reactions and may discolor, so do not touch them.

SILVER925 is a very soft and delicate material, so be careful not to force yourself.
I use SILVER925 because I want you to keep using Ten.
Please enjoy the aging after a long time.

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