[Ring size exchange]

If you can contact the purchase store within 7 days after purchasing the product (after the product arrives)
It is also possible to exchange for other expansion sizes of the ring.
Note: When replacing, it is limited to stock.
Note: Only for unused.
If you have a feeling of wearing, you may be refused replacement.

[Ring gauge rental]

For those who don't know their ring size
We also offer a ring gauge rental service at the online store.
After measuring the size, put it in the bundled return envelope and post it to the post.
Return is also smooth.
Please see the product page for details
[Ring gauge rental page is here]


Ring size ± 3 size order, broken pierced post, replacement of pulling rings such as necklaces
Each repair is also accepted at any time, such as polishing, eliminating, and retrofitting gold coating.
Store orinfo@online-ten.comPlease contact us up.
* Some products and contents cannot be repaired.
First of all, we will inform you of the estimate.

[gift wrapping]

TEN. As a gift for loved ones, we accept wrapping.
We will wrap the BOX with a sleeve and string, put a shopper and ship it.
Regardless of the BOX sizeEach box is 330 yen (tax included)Will be.
The BOX size will be supported depending on the item and the number of items.
Please use this service by all means♪

Note: In the case of multiple purchases, which products to wrap.
Shopping cartOrder remarksBe sure to write in the column.
If you want to wrap it individually, select the number of BOX required when wrapping.

Shopper and BOX design may change without notice.

[Birthday coupon]

Ten.online Store has given a birthday point from TEN. (Former Birth Dake Pong)
The point amount depends on the membership stageHerePlease check more.
In addition, if you register as a member during your birthday month, you will get points from that day and you can use it for shopping after the next time.
(Example) For February birthday
Already registered by February 1st → Point present for 30 days on February 1st
Registration of members in February 1 and to February → A valid point present for 30 days on the registration date
* The expiration date is 30 days from the date of publication

If you have any other questions
Please feel free to contact us.