OSAKA: Lucua Osaka 3F

[Ring size exchange]

After purchasing the product
If you can visit the store within 7 days
It is also possible to exchange for other expansion sizes of the ring.

Note: When replacing, it is limited to stock.
Note: Only for unused.
If you have a feeling of wearing, replace it
We may be refused.


Ring size ± 3 size order
Piercing post
Replacement of pulling rings such as necklaces
Polish, scratched
Gold coating again, etc.
Each repair is also accepted at any time.
Store orinfo@online-ten.comPlease contact us up.
* Depending on the product and content
Some cannot be repaired.
First of all, we will inform you of the estimate.

[About cleaning]

I purchased it
Free cleaning service for products
I go to the store.
Polish dark and dullness caused by aging.
I will finish it.
It depends on the congestion at the store,
It will be completed in about 10-15 minutes.
Please feel free to contact the store staff.

[gift wrapping]

As a gift for loved ones
Ten. We accept wrapping.
Wrap the BOX with sleeve and string,
Attach a message card and a shopper.
Regardless of the BOX size
300 yen (excluding tax) for each 1BOXWill be.
Depending on the number of items and product points
BOX size will be supported.
Please use this service by all means♪

Shopper and BOX design without notice
It may change.

[LINE Point]

Isetan Shinjuku store/Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall store/Lucua Osaka store
Depending on the purchase amount
LINE points are granted.
[1 point per 10,000]
In addition, the customer of the birth month
I will give it at 3 times the point!
* What you can see from the date of birth at the time of accounting
Please present it.
For customers who have accumulated 10P/20p
Gift original goods
Let me do it.
Please contact the store staff for details.
* Currently not held at Popup.

If you have any other questions
Store staff or
Please feel free to contact us.