ring gauge [rental]
ring gauge [rental]
ring gauge [rental]
ring gauge [rental]
ring gauge [rental]
ring gauge [rental]

ring gauge [rental]

Sale price¥550Tax included.
Sale price¥550
Size: FREE

It can be measured from No. 1 to 28.
Wear from a large size, gradually lower the size and try it on.
The ideal size is that the fingers are bent and opened and there is no cramp, and even if you pull it lightly, it does not come off.
Since the size of the finger changes depending on the physical condition and time of day, change the time zone and measure it 2-3 times.
Depending on the design, the measurement location of the size is different, and the wearing feeling may differ from the size, so please refer to it.

* Since the number is limited, it may take some time from ordering to delivery.

No. 1 to 28

Payment is only credit. Please note that payment (Pedi) and transfer are not possible.
It will be a post posting because it will be delivered in the letter pack.
Put it in the enclosed return letter pack within one week of arrival and post it to the post. If there is no return, we will charge the price of 1100 yen (tax included). Also, please note that other orders may be refused.

* You cannot ship overseas.

MATERIAL: silver925