jewelry cleaner

jewelry cleaner

Sale price¥3,850Tax included.
Sale price¥3,850
Color: GOLD
Size: FREE

In order to use your gold accessories for a long time, daily care goods have appeared.
In addition to gold items, this item does not damage gold coating items, removing discoloration with the power of foam close to neutral.
After rinseing with the abandoned time and water, please wipe it off well.
We recommend that you finish the finish with a cross.
* Please use Jewelry Cross (SP -0004 GOLD) for gold products.
* It is recommended that you use Silver Cleaner (SP-0017) and jewelry cross (SP -0004 Silver) for silver for discoloration such as silver darkening.
* Please read the instructions and notes carefully.

* This item is not eligible for wrapping.
* Cannot be shipped overseas.

SIZE: 70ml